For my final project I used Pattern Recognition and Snapchat’s privacy policy for my artifacts. I compared what each of them said about privacy and argued that social media sites like Snapchat want you to trust them with some of your privacy and want us to relinquish some control in order for them to provide us with free services. On the other hand, I then argued that Gibson’s take on privacy was that we should protect it and not give any of it up in fears that we would get exploited and harmed in some way.

I decided to present this argument in a video with each segment being 10 seconds or less because Snapchat segments can be 1o seconds or less. I wanted it to be reminiscent of a snap story because I am comparing Snapchat, but I also used a lot of words to read like a paper or a book. I liked the idea of combining the two mediums and hitting on the big points of my argument. It made sense for me to do a video with pictures and words because of the artifacts I chose. It ended up being a 6 and a half minutes video.

I also chose video because I felt like it could would make my argument more valid if I put myself out there and post it on the internet and trust one of the social media type sites that I argue is trustworthy. And although I couldn’t do a snap story, I did do something that resembles a snap story to the best of my ability and I posted it on YouTube at the link below.

I would have put it on here but it was too big. 🙁

I also chose music that fit with the someone is watching you theme with “Every breath you take” and then I played to the your online reputation with “Bad Reputation.” Everything I did from the pictures to the quotes and the music, I did because I wanted the video to have an impact and leave you asking the question of “Will I trust someone with a part of my privacy?” My answer to this question is Yes, because I do it every time I post on this blog or every time I use one the social media sites that most of my generation uses. There has to be some give and take for businesses to be able to provide free services, and I understand that and trust that what I give them will not be used and abused.

The end of my video incorporates many snap chats that I received or made myself because I am one of the 100 million Snapchat users that I mention in my video. It exemplifies the multimedia aspect of my project because it makes an impact on people to see that trusting someone to not abuse your privacy can be as simple as sending you things to use for a final project. It is kinda the crescendo to my argument. It is the thing that I believe will play to people’s emotions and seeing is believing so to speak. So, that is why I chose to do it at the end. I present you with a lot of facts and interpretations that may not convince you all the way but then you get to the pictures and my final thoughts and you see what I mean.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then my 14 pictures should be worth like 14000 words right 😉