My final project will elaborate on how social media (technology) has changed over the span of many years and also how books have evolved into more works of art like The Familiar book.  My idea spawns from the reading on Tuesday; Stephen Wolfram “My Personal Analytics of my Life”.  I, personally, thought Wolfram’s findings were interesting and how his different distributions showed the change in several types of media since the 1990’s.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed that people in general have changed and have become more introverted.  In a sense I feel that social media (technology) has made this happen to our society.  I know in class you mentioned that we cannot mention “society” as a whole, rather, argue between two types of “artifacts”.

My digital piece will include how social media has changed the effect of people’s lives; the interaction with one another.  Also, how much books have changed throughout this growth of technology.  I find it amazing that The Familiar gives the perception of my understanding of how technology has continuously controlled our lives.  Danielewski, in a way, understands this as well.  Most of the characters in the book were controlled by some force greater than the other and Danieleswki in a way controlled our interactions with the material we read.  I would like to include a short background of why Danieleswki chooses to write his literature the way he does and also by gathering information from The Familiar blog to show the reactions from not just Clemson but from others schools about the book.  I know when I first read The Familiar I honestly detested it because of the content because it was different and hard to understand (it is suppose to be read that way).  But once I understood why Danieleswki writes the way he does, my whole perspective changed.

characters via icarlyrose

By using digital media like our blog from the book and also my own social media experiences, I feel that I may be able to cover the digital part.  This may change over the course of two weeks as I brainstorm more ideas.  I would like to use excerpts from the book, possibly some ideas from Wolfram, and use specific pages as visual aids from the novel to express the change of literature over the years.  I want to connect these types of “artifacts” because I feel that they do have something in common.  Social change.   Social change is huge for me because I am a psychology major and I pay attention to how people act/react.  Times are changing fast and it is difficult to keep track of it, therefore I find it important to pay attention to how you [are as a person.] Hence pairing social media (technology) growth and marked text like The Familiar and see how much social change has transformed together.  With the change in times and the alterations of social change I feel that technology has a great deal to do with how literature has changed.  And I want to make an argument that will prove as so.