For my final project, I plan to use three artifacts that we have studied in class: Ted Chiang’s Understand, Jill Lepore’s The Disruption Machine, and Agrippa (A book of the Dead) by William Gibson, Dennis Ashbaugh, and Kevin Begos.

I am planning on creating this project through Prezi. I am hoping to include several pieces of writing , photos with descriptions and captions, and videos on the final presentation. I think form of delivering my final project will be successful because it allows for a lot of creativity. I love that I will be able to include photos, videos, and text on the same medium for my project. All three of these forms of information will be necessary in order to make my argument as strong as possible.

My argument will be centered on the control that technology has in society. The three of these artifact choices are very different from each other, but they will each be used to represent different aspects of my argument: Technology reaches into the deepest parts of human beings and controls more than we could ever imagine. Chiang’s work will highlight that technology (through the form of modern medicine) can take hold of our minds and influence the way we process life (relationships, decision-making process, work, etc.). Lepore’s work will highlight the way that businesses and the economy are controlled by technological innovation. Agrippa will be used to focus on technology’s power in time and space (how it works, thrives, and exists beyond our imagination).