For my final project, I wanted to compare the social media Xanther uses in _The Familiar _to something I use, maybe Facebook or Twitter, based on the images in the book, I believe that twitter would be the most similar.

The way I would do this would be by analyzing my activity and interactions with my friends and social media and look at Xanther’s the same way, and even create real life example of what Xanther would have seen aka create twitter handles for Xanther and all her friends and show what they each posted or something similar (may not be able to find an accurate zombie picture). By doing so, it almost brings the characters to life with their chatroom names and what they typed an posted that Xanther saw, and the reader would be able to see what I type and the interactions I have with my own friends.

I believe this would argue that fictional technology accurately reflects how people today interact on social media and the dangers of it. Though I am unsure of what type of scholarly articles I may find for this type of argument, I’m sure there are a few.

This is just a proposal, hopefully I’ll be able to tweak it to make it a more composed idea.