Brainstorming is always a difficult process for me. I am having a hard time narrowing down my argument, but I know that I want to discuss how visuals can be more emotionally effective than words.

For this multimodal assignment, I want to analyze Gibson’s Pattern Recognition and the database. Cayce lets her body speak for her. Her body reacts to images or logos that have an effect on her. It is her way of expressing how she feels. She is not able to do the same through words. The database automatically detects patterns without human element. The database identifies feelings based on trigger words and combines those identified feelings into interactive visuals. The graphs and charts developed by the database are color coded. Each emotion is represented by a different color, which makes it simple to see commonalities.

I plan on writing a paper to back up my argument. I know I want to use Drucker’s piece on marked text and Nakamura’s piece on media. I also want to create an infographic that pairs some of the logos mentioned in the novel with potential emotions they might portray.

That is just a very rough idea. I want to make a detailed outline before I begin writing, but I feel like the two artifacts provide some great information to backup my argument.