I plan on analyzing Pattern Recognition and Facebook and possibly Google as well due to how much of our personal lives are fully documented on these two online giants. There is so much of communication amongst everyone, personal documents, emails, etc. that is all more or less somewhat accessible. I would like to observe some of the guerrilla marketing similarities that Blue Ant and Bigend share with the likes of Facebook and Google.

I’m fairly confident that Gibson drew some of his internet giants’ tendencies from our own Facebook and Google. Black PR seems like a very likely possibility after reading Pattern Recognition and watching a show called Silicon Valley. There seems to be a lot of dispute and mudslinging among similar companies in the tech business. I’d like to further interpret the targeted advertising that Gibson displayed and compare it to some of the similar techniques that Facebook and Google use.

Comparing as well as argue that many of these examples show just how public our lives are and create a new urgency for privacy or just heightened security needs to be placed on so much of our personal information. This presentation of information will show people how real that multiple companies having your documents, location, and personal history on the internet can be invasive and possibly problematic.