For my final project I want to analyze _The Familiar _and _Agrippa.  _I want to explore the concept of self-awareness and its relationship to meta-fiction within these two works.

It was interesting to me to explore how The Familiar _was a work of meta-fiction, to me this meant that it essentially had a sense of self-awareness (if an inanimate object can have this “thought process.”)  In my final project I would discuss how Danielewski created the meta-fiction within the story and what tactics he used.  I would also compare and contrast any concepts of meta-fiction that existed within _Agrippa.  Once I got a thorough understanding of how the authors created a sense of meta-fiction, I would then look at the other various scholarly articles involved and see what I could gather from them about self-awareness and compare and contrast how the type of self-awareness seen in people, such as in the short story “Understand” and how meta-fiction are similar and different.  My hypothesis would be that while self-awareness is powerful and important, it has a limit (as we talked about last class) while meta-fiction can exist without a limit because the book can in a way, have a full realization that it is an artifact.

As of right now, I realize that my idea is not extremely flushed out and I hope to fix that soon.  I also need to think more about it in a way to make it less “out there” because it seems really theoretical to me still, but I think that once I start working on it I will be able to find specific things that I want to talk about and my argument will become more flushed out.