I am bouncing a few ideas for my final project. I definitely want to use Pattern Recognition for my main artifact. I am playing with the idea of using the way technology is used to aid Dorothea’s investigation and comparing it to the way big companies use our information to target us as consumers. I will argue that they are both essentially espionage. I will use a few of the readings we have been using in class recently and I may try to find some others as well.  I may try to do a video/animation to accompany it.

I originally thought about using the the website in Pattern Recognition and comparing it to a real conspiracy site but that I couldn’t think of an argument to go with it. I also couldn’t think of how I wanted to make it multimodal. However, as I am thinking about my new idea with the espionage argument, I think I can incorporate the website and a real life conspiracy site into my argument. I can maybe use it as a post from the real site and a post from the novel and then hypothesize how the real site post could be used to how Dorothea uses the posts in the novel to spy.