“Privacy” on the internet is not privacy at all and the word should not even be used concerning the web.  I feel horrible when I see “tweens” or teenagers posting exposed body parts, drunken nights, or a type of crime (that maybe not a crime at all to them at the time) Anything and everything posted, tweeted, “selfies”, apps, etc… everything is exposed for life on the internet.  I personally do not have a twitter, instagram, snapchat, flickr, or any other type social media. (The only reason I know about it is because of websites that promote the popular social media sites and being in college).  I have Facebook because it was the “new thing” or “first social media” in my generation and Facebook has become an internet diary for me.  I can barely keep up with my last emails; how in the world would I be able to use multiple social media sites?!  I guess it is not for me.  It is funny how I have just learned what iCloud and Google Drive is this semester… I’m assuming I am a more “traditional” person or can be addressed as odd because I do not thrive for social media.  Sometimes I miss internet explorer. Simple, plain, easIER.



When I uploaded my Facebook data I was surprised about two things: how is it possible for the information to be available so quickly, and how organized my information was put into files.  Facebook literally broke down ALL of my information since 2009 to a “poke”; when people still used that.


My uneasiness about my information being downloaded at the click of a button, makes me feel that it is there more reasons to be concerned, than it just being a social experience.  Yes, I know that social media can be fun and entertaining but what about the classic style of communication.  Life as we know it is turning all of us into mutes.  Communication, now, is someone glued to their phone, email or text instead of talking, and the life that I want to expose to my “Friends” on Facebook is clearly not just for them to see.  I looked through my Facebook to see how much I have changed through the years and how my posts have changed.  As I have gotten older, I have learned to be more cautious with the things I post.  If I can remember correctly, a few years ago a woman posted about a vacation that she was going on and while on vacation her house was robbed and everything of value was stolen.  Come to find out, it was a friend on her Facebook.  Privacy on the internet is a joke; I protect myself before posting anything what-so-ever.


To sum up my rant… I think that high schools should have classes arranged for teens to be aware of their privacy and how it can affect their lives.  We are destroying ourselves before we even understand what we are doing.  And when we understand it is too late by learning the hard way.  The public does not always have to know what you are doing every second of the day or how great that cupcake was.  Take a break from technology/social media because life is very short.