I chose to look at my Facebook information.

I found one thing really interesting, it had a list of all the times I changed my password or logged in along with the IP addresses and everything you would need to know to hack a computer.

It made me realize that Facebook could quite literally know where I am at all times and hack my computer without my knowledge just from looking at where I logged in from. Nothing would then be private, they could potentially know everything about me. It also made me think about what we talked about in class, how knowing when and where and how you logged into Facebook says a lot more about you then what you say or do on Facebook. Most of my signing ins were on the Facebook app. Just knowing that I literally look at Facebook a majority of the time on my phone could say a lot  about me. Like for instance, it could hint to the fact that I am a busy individual on the go most of the time. Also, the location that I logged in on my phone could say a lot about my life, most of the time in the last 4 years I have been on campus wifi so that tells them that I am a student most likely.

I expected to find posts and pictures from over the years, I even expected to find my friend list and who I have unfriended and blocked. I did not expect to find the log data. I didn’t think it was a big deal where and when I logged in. I just thought that it was a big deal I was using the service.