Final Project Proposal

As described on the final project assignment page, this prompt will act as your Final Project Proposal. You must submit a response to this prompt; I will not accept final projects from students who have not submitted a response to this prompt.

Describe your plans for your final project, including:

1) What artifacts you plan to analyze.

2) What form(s) you think your project will take.

3) What your initial thoughts are about what your argument might be.

This proposal is not set in stone, but I am looking for well-planned, well-thought-out proposals. Number 3 is especially important; you should be able to give me a sense of what you think your argument about your two chosen artifacts might be. The more developed this argument is, the more I can help you produce a better final project. Help yourself do better in this class by taking this proposal seriously. Doing so will take some time.

NOTE: You do not need to link to an outside image or media clip to receive a 3 on this prompt.