McPherson illustrates comparison of times between the invention of computer systems and racial condemnation.  I cannot understand McPhersons’ point of view by comparison but I will take a shot at it.  I feel that in McPhersons’ reading she emphasizes the importance of the history of computer systems and the history of racism simultaneously.  Was she trying to label which was more important?  Was she trying to show how the racism era changed because of technology or how racism was overlooked? The growth of technology could have possibly helped society lose focus on the race issue and give relief/assistance to the African American community.


McPherson’s article in association with The Bug deals with human attitudes and attributes.  Clearly, Ulman decides to focus on the female aspect and role in life compared to males.  McPherson’s focus was on the importance of technology over race.  Would this be considered a “code” of how humans work?


For example: Smart phones came into our society at a very fast pace.  I can remember one year having a flip phone and a year or so later, at the point of a finger, the world is at our mercy.  Now, humans are so engulfed in technology, social media, email , etc… As soon as the new iPhone or android is released people rush to get the latest, hip, product.  The old phone is given away and replaced.


I feel this example is helping McPherson’s attitude in the article towards the importance of the industry of technology and racism that was going on during the same time frame.  As soon as something “new and hip” like technology immersed, race was no longer the “topic of discussion” in society.  Racism was replaced by this new technological world.  Our society has a way of quickly turning over to new and improved.