Take some time to investigate The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s “Tuition and fees, 1998-99 Through 2014-15” interactive infographic (assigned for Thursday’s class) to see how Clemson compares to other universities. There are a number of ways to do this: you might compare Clemson’s tuition and fees to other top-25 public universities; to Clemson’s peer institutions (page 2 of the linked document); or to other public universities in the region. You might use another method of comparison that you think of yourself. You might try several different methods of comparison and see what you get.

After you’ve explored the infographic, report on your findings in your response by telling us 1) what method(s) of comparison you used and why you used that/those method(s); and 2) what you discovered. Then, analyze these results by discussing their potential implications. What is interesting/important about these results? Why should we care? Make sure to incorporate at least one of the readings for Thursday’s class into your discussion.