What do we think of these two quotes from interviews with Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries?:

“We dislike graphic design, and we also dislike interactivity, which are the two staples of web design, if not the web itself. Being artists, we like to do things wrong, or at least our own damn way. We ended up with a moving text synchronized to jazz, which was (and still is) all we could do.”

“The Internet and Web have become familiar and even boring and sometimes disagreeable spaces. The Web artist’s goal is to make it become less familiar, less boring, less disagreeable, to make it become fresh and new again … The computer screen is a superficial support, akin to the surface of a painting. Any Web art that employs images tries to create visual depth to this surface. Any Web art that employs textual information also tries to create depth, albeit with a strategy similar to the writing using: to make the reader forget he or she is looking at ink on a bound page. In this sense, yes, our work and other textual work tries to smash the surface of the computer screen.”

(Lifted from Lori Emerson’s book, Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2014], pp. 42-3)

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