In “Hyper and Deep Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Modes,” Hayles poses the following questions to educators today (see the bold text especially):

“As students move deeper into the mode of hyper attention, educators face a choice: change the students to fit the educational environment or change that environment to fit the students. At the extreme end of the spectrum represented by ADHD, it may be appropriate to change the young people, but surely the environment needs to change as well. What strategies might be useful in meeting this challenge? How can the considerable benefits of deep attention be cultivated in a generation of students who prefer a high level of stimulation and have a low threshold for boredom? How should the physical layout of an educational environment be rethought? With the trend toward hyper attention already evident in colleges and universities, these issues are becoming urgent concerns. Digital media offer important resources in facing the challenge, both in the ways they allow classroom space to be reconfigured and the opportunities they offer for building bridges between deep and hyper attention” (195).

So, how might we answer these questions? Respond in the comments.