Welcome to our experiment in wasting time on the internet. Today we will not be talking. Instead, we will use these various online communication channels for class discussion:

  1. ChatStep chatroom. See the email I sent around before class today for the chatroom password. Choose your own “nickname” when you sign in (this is what will be displayed to others in the chatroom). Choose to Join the room (not Create!).
  2. Class email. Reply All to the email I sent just before class to keep our discussions linked.
  3. Twitter. My Twitter handle is @lindsaycthomas. Use #ENGL3490 to join in the conversation. Follow the conversation via the Posts page of our course site.
  4. Course site. I’ve created a category just for today: Tuesday Feb 10. This is an example of a post in this category. Please use this category to post to our site during class today. You can also comment on posts in this category that others have written (including this one).

Like any other class, you must be physically present in our classroom to participate today. Also like any other class, class participation today takes place on an opt-in basis (meaning, you opt into participating, or not). There will be no policing of your internet activity. Participate, but also browse, explore, dawdle, daydream, think, write, etc. (in other words, do as you normally do — only more explicitly).

Remember to make sure your browsing history is enabled if you’re responding to Prompt 2.

Other Digital Literature/Media to Explore 

Feeling bored? Stupefied? Stuplimed? Take a look at these other works of digital literature/media throughout class today:

Alan Bigelow, “This is Not a Poem”

Tina EscajaCódigos sin barras

—, “Desprendiendo”

Sharon Daniel and Erik Loyer, “Public Secrets”

Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Jason Nelson, “Game, Game, Game, and Again Game”

Millie Niss with Martha Deed, “Oulipoems”

NPR’s _Invisibilia _podcast, “Mirror Touch” episode, on mirror touch synesthesia (especially starting around 5:45)

William Poundstone, “Project for Tachistoscope [Bottomless Pit]”