Due Dates

  • 1 post/unit; usually you will submit your post on the last day of each unit (see course calendar for due dates)


You will write 5 blog posts over the course of the semester and post them on our course blog. You will write these posts in response to specific prompts. Your blog posts have many purposes: they will ask you to reflect on and engage with the course, the reading, and class discussion in a sustained way; they will help you prepare for your essay exams and the final project; and they will help us all to formulate the questions for each of the take-home exams in this class.

The length of these posts will vary depending on the prompt, but generally they will be about 500-750 words long. I will post each prompt to our course website and I will also send out an email to the class containing the prompt. To find the prompt on our course site, go to the Posts page, and, using the “Categories” right-hand sidebar menu, select the “Prompts” category. This will take you to a page where all of the posts that have been categorized as “Prompts” will appear.


Your blog posts will be graded on completion. Each post is worth 20% of your total blogging grade. I will not accept late blog posts, and it is not possible to make up missed blog posts.

See the “How to Post” post on this site for more information about how to submit your posts.