If we’re interested in learning more about contemporary literature in this class, it only seems right that we get a sense of the literary scene here at home as well. We are lucky at UM to have wonderful writers of contemporary literature on our English Department faculty, in our MFA program, and in our undergraduate Creative Writing program. The Creative Writing Program puts on many events each semester that showcase the talents of these writers and of writers nationally. There are 8 such events listed on the Creative Writing Program’s calendar for this semester, available online here: http://www.as.miami.edu/english/creativewriting/events/current_calendar/. More may come up as the semester goes on, and I will pass along any information I receive about such events to the class. You can earn extra credit by attending these events.

Here’s what you need to do to earn this extra credit:

  • Attend the event and bring back a souvenir. This can be anything that proves you were there (a picture of you at the event, a program signed by a writer at the event, etc.).
  • Write a 500-word response to the event in which you place the event in the context of our course material. How does this event/the readings from this event relate to our class? This response can be more informal; it does not have to be polished, “careful” writing.
  • Submit both your souvenir and your 500-word response to me within a week of attending the event.