I am an assistant professor of English at the University of Miami. I research and teach at the intersections of contemporary literature, media studies, and the digital humanities. I’m currently working on a book manuscript on the media and technologies of preparedness. I’m also a member of the WhatEvery1Says project team.

Follow me on Twitter @lindsaycthomas. Email at lindsaythomas at miami dot edu.

2015-16 Talks and Travel

  • September 24-27, 2015, “Reading Together: A Cross-Institutional Pedagogical Experiment with Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Familiar,” Roundtable participant, Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present conference, Greenville, SC
  • November 6-7, 2015, “Pandemics of the Future: Disease Surveillance in Real Time,” Big Data & Risk Workshop, Concordia University, Montreal
  • November 12-15, 2015, “Managing Whiteness: National Security for the ‘Whole Community,’” National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Milwaukee, WI
  • March 17-20, 2016, “Modeling Temporal Scale: The Familiar and Form,” American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University