Invited Talks

“National Security and the Resilience of the Future,” Seminar on Media and Political Theory, Concordia University, Montreal, April 2017.

“What is a ‘Critical Digital Humanities?’”, University of Miami, January 2017.

“Pandemics of the Future: Disease Surveillance in Real Time,” Big Data & Risk Workshop, Concordia University, Montreal, November 2015.

“Forms of Duration: Preparedness, the Mars Trilogy, and the Management of Climate Change,” Duke/UNC Americanist Speaker Series, October 2014.

Conference Panels and Forums Organized

“Contamination and Quarantine,” American Comparative Literature Association, Seattle, WA, March 2015. With Steve Pokornowski.

“Security Media,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Chicago, IL, March 2013.

“Living Mediations: Biology, Technology, and Art,” HASTAC forum co-author and co-host, March 2011. Available at

Selected Conference Presentations 

“Open, Shareable, Replicable Workflows for the Digital Humanities: The Case of the ‘WhatEvery1Says’ Project,” panel participant, Digital Humanities annual conference, Montreal, August 2017.

“Preparedness and the Positivist Epistemology of Fiction,” American Studies Association conference, Chicago, IL, November 2017.

“Prolepsis and The Intuitionist,” Modern Language Association annual convention, Philadelphia, PA, January 2017.

“The Length of Network Novels,” Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts annual conference, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2016.

“Length and the Form of the Novel,” American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University, March 2016.

“Managing Whiteness: National Security for the ‘Whole Community,’” National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Milwaukee, WI, November 2015.

“Reading Together: A Cross-Institutional Pedagogical Experiment with Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Familiar,” Roundtable participant, Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present Conference, Greenville, SC, September 2015.

“The Whiteness of Weirdness in the Digital Humanities,” Clemson Colloquium on Race and Ethnicity Conference, Clemson, SC, April 2015.

“Disease Surveillance in Real Time,” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Convention, Seattle, WA, March 2015.

“The Page,” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Vancouver, BC, January 2015.

“Media of Duration: Nuclear Waste Storage and the Containment of the Present,” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Annual Conference, Dallas, TX, October 2014.

“Transparency and Open Access,” HUMLab, Umeå University, Sweden, December 2013.

“Open Access: Transparency and Critical Infrastructure Protection,” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Annual Conference, South Bend, IN, October 2013.

“4Humanities: Designing Digital Advocacy,” Digital Humanities 2013, Lincoln, NE, July 2013.

“VizOR: Visualizing Only Revolutions, Visualizing Textual Analysis,” co-authored with Dana Solomon, Digital Humanities 2013, Lincoln, NE, July 2013.

“Climate Modeling, Preparedness, and Deep Futures of Security Media,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Chicago, IL, March 2013.

“RoSE: Social Science Research Methods in Digital Humanities Contexts,” co-authored with Dana Solomon, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Boston, MA, January 2013.